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Tuition Assistance Programs  

SE Academy is proud to be able to offer tuition assistance for families in need. We understand you work hard and want to give your child the best education. Need-based financial aid is the bridge that allows kids to attend a great Christian school. The amount of tuition assistance varies by family. We welcome you to apply for tuition assistance after the student has applied to the school and passed the entrance test.

Payment Assistance:  DHS.customerservice@tn.gov or call 1(615) 313-4700
DHS County office: www.tn.gov/humanresources/topic/child-care-services or call 1 (615) 313-4700
To apply for child care payment assistance, submit an application online and upload your documents. Create a DHS account through the link https://apps.tngov/dhsaccess/ and follow the instruction. Counsellors statewide must be able
to access verifications to process applications.


Pay stubs for the past 8 weeks for both applicant and spouse
Proof of Residence
Birth certificates of the children
Your photo ID
Make sure you mark Sensational Enlightenment Academy
5960 Knight Arnold Rd. Ext.    Memphis, TN 38115

Take advantage of the following tuition assistance resources:

                         ESA Checklist
                         ESA Parents & Family Information Webinar

  • FAST – Financial Aid for School Tuition by Independent School Management (ISM) Apply Now>>
  • MOST Scholarship Apply Now>>
  • Small Steps Program
  • DHS Vouchers

 Come talk to us. Let’s work out a plan that meets your family’s goal.


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