Learning is our first priority!

                                              S.E. Academy Independent School 
                                                            Where Learning is Our FIRST  Priority!

SEA accepts toddlers ages 18 months - 23 months. Because children thrive on routines, the classroom has a daily schedule. Each parent receives a daily progress report on how his/her child did that day, including their eating habits, mood and behavior, activities, nap time and a log of all diaper changes or bathroom trips. 

We focus on Intellectual Development with our toddlers - They express their feelings and wishes. They follow simple directions. They still have a very limited attention span. They use three or more words in combination. They can memorize short rhymes. They use objects to represent other objects. They can join in simple songs. They have trouble making choices, but they want to make choices. They begin to think about doing something before doing it. Our staff goal is to meet all your family needs.

There is an endless amount of information that children can learn which is also as important as what they learn.  Children who are encouraged to explore and make discoveries on their own develop confidence in themselves as learners.  However, just as important as what they learn, is whether they are learning how to learn.

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