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Kindergarten- 5th grade

Age Requirements for Kindergarten

HB 0839 by *Weaver, White D. (SB 1022 by *Bell, Tracy.)

Education - As enacted, changes the date by which children must be five years of age from August 31 for the 2013-2014 school year to August 15 for the 2016-2017 school years thereafter for entrance in kindergarten programs.  

Age Requirements for First Grade
"No child shall be eligible to enter first grade . . . without having attended an approved kindergarten program; provided, that a child meeting the requirements of the state board of education for transfer and/or admission, as determined by the commissioner, may be admitted by an LEA, notwithstanding any other provision or act to the contrary." TCA 49-6-3106.


Bible instruction consists of daily Bible classes developmentally leveled for each grade using various material, weekly chapels, emphasizing thematic instruction to develop the entire student character with biblical illumination into all academic disciplines.

Language Arts

Language Arts is made up of four content area: Phonics + Word Analysis, Reading, English, and Writing. It is our goal that through this four-pronged approach, students will learn to think and communicate well.

Language Arts Curriculum:

Wilson Fundamentals- Geodes Reading

Bob Jones


Our math program is rooted in the Harcourt & Teaching Textbooks math curriculums. These are worldview-based approaches to teaching core mathematical skills.  Students gain a rich understanding of math computation, problem-solving, and application as they learn to see and use math all around them.  As in all our curriculum, we intentionally illuminate the Word of God and His truth in instruction.

Emphasis by Grade: 
Kindergarten: Numbers & Numeration, Time & Money, Addition
1st Grade: Number Sense, Addition & Subtraction, Time & Money, Place Value
2nd Grade: Place Value, Addition & Subtraction, Measurement & Geometry
3rd Grade: Place Value, Multiplication & Division, Fractions, Money
4th Grade: Multiplication & Division, Fractions & Decimals, Geometry & Measurement
5th Grade: Operations with Fractions & Decimals, Geometric Properties, Number Theory & Fractions, Ratios & Percents


The purpose of science at Sensational Enlightenment Academy is to create experiences in which students can explore God’s world with the truth of God’s Word.  Science Curriculum is the Bible, Purposeful Design and Bob Jones.

Kindergarten:  Creation, Senses, Seasons, Weather, Plants and Animals
1st Grade: Health, Plants, Weather, Seasons, Push + Pull
2nd Grade: Force + Motion, Dinosaurs + Creation, Animals, Water/Soil/Trees
3rd Grade: Force + Motion, Dinosaurs + Creation, Animals, Water/Soil/Trees
4th Grade: Insects, Spiders, Electricity + Magnets, Moons + Oceans, Force + Motion
5th Grade: Biomes, Sound + Light, Fossils + Dinosaurs, Rocks + Minerals

Social Studies

The purpose of social studies at Sensation Enlightenment Academy is to create experiences to help students understand God’s hand in the history of the world through engaging classroom experiences.  The four strands of Social Studies education are Civics, Economics, Geography, and History with a focus on US, Tennessee, and Western Civilization. 

Physical Development 

Growth is slow but steady. They have gained control of their major muscles. Most children have a good sense of balance. They can stand on one foot and walk on a balance beam. They enjoy performing physical tricks. They enjoy testing muscle strength and skills. They like to skip, run, tumble, and dance to music. They can catch small balls. They can manage buttons and zippers. They can learn to tie their shoelaces. They can print their names. They can copy designs and shapes including numbers and letters. They use utensils and tools correctly with supervision.

Social and Emotional Development 

They think of themselves more than others until about age seven or eight. They play well in groups but may need some time to play alone. Many children have a best friend and an enemy. They tend to prefer playmates of the same sex. Children often tell on each other. This is done for two reasons: to help them understand the rules and to get an adult's attention. They do not like criticism or failure. It is best to have each child compete against himself or herself not other children. 

They can be helpful with small chores. They have a strong need for love and attention from their parents. They are beginning to care about the feelings and needs of others. They may enjoy taking care of and playing with younger children. To them, "good" and "bad" are what parents and teachers approve or disapprove of. They are starting to develop a moral sense such as understanding honesty. They begin to develop a sense of humor and may enjoy nonsense rhymes, songs, and riddles. 

They can tell left from right. Their ability to speak and express themselves develops rapidly. This is important for success in school. They talk to each other about themselves and their families. During play, they practice using the words and language they learn in school. They start to understand time and days of the week. They like silly rhymes, riddles, and jokes. Their attention span is longer. They can follow more involved stories. They are learning letters and words. By six, most can read words or combinations of words.


Based on the best educational practices from top educators and theorists, SE Academy has crafted (and continues to refine) an environment where academic and personal excellence, respect, effective communication and integrity are essential qualities that serve as benchmarks in creating well-rounded, self-confident and happy individuals. Our faculty, staff and parents are committed to imparting the knowledge and wisdom that lead each student to his or her personal, social and academic best. SEA is the foundation upon which our students stand to reach their highest potential. 

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