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ESA - Education Savings Account

The most important investment we can make is investing in our children’s future. In 2019 the Tennessee General Assembly did  just that by passing an expanded Education Savings Accounts (ESA) program for low income children.

Tennessee’s Education Savings Account (ESA) program application is OPEN for the 2020-21 school year in Davidson and Shelby counties through APRIL 29, 2020. With the ESA program, eligible students assigned to schools in Davidson County, Shelby County, or the Achievement School District can use state and local Basic Education Program (BEP) funds toward expenses, such as tuition or fees, at participating private schools.

This program will bring life-changing opportunities to thousands of families across the Volunteer State.

Watch a video - How to Apply (Youtube)

View an Infographic - How to Apply (PDF)

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How ESA's work

ESA Fast Facts

Please be aware that there is a pending legal challenge to the ESA Program and the Davidson County Chancery Court has entered an order preventing the State from advancing the program.  While the order remains in effect, the Department may not take any further action on completed or pending applications.  In addition, the application link has been disabled as of May 7, 2020, and calls or e-mails regarding the ESA Program cannot be answered or returned.  The
Department is seeking reversal of the Court’s order and hopes to succeed on appeal to allow the Program to start enrollment this school year. Updated information will be provided when it becomes available, at
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