Learning is our first priority!

                                              S.E. Academy Independent School 
                                                            Where Learning is Our FIRST  Priority!

K-5 & upper classes 1st -4th

We offer small class sizes.

All our scholars have one on one help during class.


     Sr. Pre-    Kindergarten

In the programs we offer, students build comprehension and learn the phonics and fluency skills they need to become strong readers. Learning how to read will help build your child’s confidence in school.


Jr. Pre-Kindergarten

At SEA, our toddlers classes  have an exciting way to build a solid foundation for recognizing, writing, and comprehending letters, sounds and words. Ideal for children ages three and older, our hands-on, research-based approach helps your child build the foundation for a lifetime of academic success.


Donate Today!

Thanks to the kind generosity of our donors, we are able to provide limited Tuition Assistance for families who need it

Investing in the life and education of a child is a rewarding experience. 

Please consider partnering with us and becoming a DONOR today!

With your donation today we would be able to help to provide a quality education for many families for this school year and many more to come.

When you donate to our programs you help scholars advance in Reading and Math.


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