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                                              S.E. Academy Independent School 
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Jesus said “Let the children to come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” Matthew 19:14

Parent’s Guide to School Curriculum

English/Language Arts

Students will:

  • Speak in complete sentences
  • Take part in group discussions
  • Blend sounds together to make syllables
  • Word C + A + T = CAT
  • Use phonics knowledge to sound out unfamiliar words
  • Know first grade sight words
  • Begin to read aloud orally with accuracy and expression
  • After reading or listening to a story, identify the main idea, describe main characters, re-enact or point out major plot elements, and draw conclusions
  • Print legibly using standard manuscript
  • Correctly spell most commonly used sight words
  • Use knowledge of letters and sounds to spell unfamiliar words


Students will:

  • Count by twos, fives, and tens to 100 and use a hundreds number grid to count forward and backward by ones and tens
  • Use a variety of strategies to add and subtract
  • Count coins and compute and record their total value
  • Examine and extend geometric and numerical patterns, and fill in any missing elements
  • Use logical reasoning and technology (calculators, computers to solve real-word problems)


Students will:

  • Classify objects by properties that can be seen, such as shape, color, size, thickness and hardness
  • Measure and compare the length and volume of objects/liquids using metric units

Our curriculum meets or exceeds all national standards and we support each child’s unique personality, interests and needs in a safe setting.

Enrichment Programs: SEA programs are fun and exciting for each student.

Performance Arts

The students will have fun with musical activities, instruments, songs, dance, rhymes and stories as they gain a foundational proficiency in music.

Foreign Language

The students will gain knowledge through custom games, books and activities. This program was created for our students to build his and her vocabulary.

Physical Education

The students will be engaged in activities using their large and small muscles. Each student will enjoy the music, dance, and large muscle movement activities that will keep them physically fit.

Computer and Science Lab

Students utilize lab time to learn about the basic functions of a computer, play grade level appropriate games, work on beginner’s typing skills, use the Internet to research for projects and class lessons and perform weekly science related activities.

School Policies: For Electronic 

Cell Phones & Electronics Cell phones, electronic tablets, iPods/MP3 players and any other electronic devices are prohibited from being used and/or charged during the school day. Electronic devices are to remain out of sight.

Educational Support Services

The Educational Support Services program (ESS) serves the needs of student’s diagnosed learning disabilities and/or attention deficit disorders. The teachers are trained to support and encourage students on a daily basis in their academic studies.


Tutor Classes offered:

Time: 2- 6



We have a small class size for your child.

We offer one on one instructional  teaching for our Jr. Pre-K , Sr. Pre-K Program and Elementary Department. We believe positive relationships are the key to unlocking the potential in every child. Our one-to-one classrooms allow teachers to build positive mentor relationships with each student so they are best equipped to learn. Students are able to complete all their homework with teacher assistance and supervision in our Extended Care Program before they leave campus.

Every child must take a entrance test before the first day of school and administration will contact the parent for a meeting.

Our curriculum meets or exceeds all national standards and we support each child’s unique personality, interests and needs in a safe setting. 

Learning Rocks!

 Jr Pre-K Toddlers

There is an endless amount of information that children can learn which is also as important as what they learn.  Children who are encouraged to explore and make discoveries on their own develop confidence in themselves as learners.  However, just as important as what they learn, is whether they are learning how to learn.


Sr. Pre-K 

Indoor and outdoor environments are settings that can be used to help children develop cognitive skills. Many of the concepts and relationships we want children to learn are already present in the environment at SEA.


Based on the best educational practices from top educators and theorists, SE Academy has crafted (and continues to refine) an environment where academic and personal excellence, respect, effective communication and integrity are essential qualities that serve as benchmarks in creating well-rounded, self-confident and happy individuals. Our faculty, staff and parents are committed to imparting the knowledge and wisdom that lead each student to his or her personal, social and academic best. SEA is the foundation upon which our students stand to reach their highest potential. 

SEA accepts toddlers ages 18 months - 23 months. Because children thrive on routines, the classroom has a daily schedule. Each parent receives a daily progress report on how his/her child did that day, including their eating habits, mood and behavior, activities, nap time and a log of all diaper changes or bathroom trips. 

We focus on Intellectual Development with our toddlers - They express their feelings and wishes. They follow simple directions. They still have a very limited attention span. They use three or more words in combination. They can memorize short rhymes. They use objects to represent other objects. They can join in simple songs. They have trouble making choices, but they want to make choices. They begin to think about doing something before doing it. Our staff goal is to meet all your family needs.


We expect more out of our Pre-kindergarten students 4 &5 yrs old .In this program we teach our children to be more independent. When your child enters into the Pre-K Program they will learn how to read, write, spell, recite the 50 states and the Lord's Prayer.   ​

We hope to support children through the following learning objectives:

  • Develop and foster an abiding curiosity
  • Develop habits of initiative and persistence
  • Develop sensory-motor skills in order to sharpen the ability to discriminate and judge
  • Develop social skills
  • Acquire the basic skills necessary for a lifetime of learning
  • Support each child's innate, ultimate potential through high self-expectations

 Elementary (K5 - 3rd Grade)
Kindergarten (5 yr. old) through 2nd grade students receive strong character- building reading selections, as well as grammar and creative writing, math, science and social studies - all of which give the student a consistent daily practice and review. Spelling, vocabulary, and poetry lessons help students improve their ability to read, write, think, and speak. Penmanship is taught consistenlty throughout the program.
School Age Children are often excited about going to school and their new responsibilities. Their parents are still the most important persons in their lives.

With school-age children, it is important to set limits and let children know what is expected of them. Do this with a soft voice. Be patient and kind. Provide clear and consistent discipline. Each child needs to feel special and cared about in your care. Children in this stage are very enjoyable. They like to be helpful, especially to adults.

Physical Development - Growth is slow but steady. They have gained control of their major muscles. Most children have a good sense of balance. They can stand on one foot and walk on a balance beam. They enjoy performing physical tricks. They enjoy testing muscle strength and skills. They like to skip, run, tumble, and dance to music. They can catch small balls. They can manage buttons and zippers. They can learn to tie their shoelaces. They can print their names. They can copy designs and shapes including numbers and letters. They use utensils and tools correctly with supervision.

Social and Emotional Development - They think of themselves more than others until about age seven or eight. They play well in groups but may need some time to play alone. Many children have a best friend and an enemy. They tend to prefer playmates of the same sex. Children often tell on each other. This is done for two reasons: to help them understand the rules and to get an adult's attention. They do not like criticism or failure. It is best to have each child compete against himself or herself not other children. 

They can be helpful with small chores. They have a strong need for love and attention from their parents. They are beginning to care about the feelings and needs of others. They may enjoy taking care of and playing with younger children. To them, "good" and "bad" are what parents and teachers approve or disapprove of. They are starting to develop a moral sense such as understanding honesty. They begin to develop a sense of humor and may enjoy nonsense rhymes, songs, and riddles. 

They become upset when their behavior or school work is criticized or ignored. Intellectual Development - They can tell left from right. Their ability to speak and express themselves develops rapidly. This is important for success in school. They talk to each other about themselves and their families. During play, they practice using the words and language they learn in school. They start to understand time and days of the week. They like silly rhymes, riddles, and jokes. Their attention span is longer. They can follow more involved stories. They are learning letters and words. By six, most can read words or combinations of words.

Educational Support Services

The Educational Support Services program (ESS) serves the needs of student’s diagnosed learning disabilities and/or attention deficit disorders. The teachers are trained to support and encourage students on a daily basis in their academic studies.

Lower School
From Our Head of Lower School and Upper School 

Dear Families,

SE Academy’s Lower School and Upper School is a vibrant, creative and joyful place. Our Lower School curriculum is focused on educating the “whole child” and developing strong critical thinking skills.

We offer a rich, diverse curriculum that encourages students to reach their academic, social and emotional potential in a challenging yet supportive and nurturing environment that embraces family, community and citizenship. Through our many offerings, children find their passions and develop their interests and strengths. As a result, our students become independent, critical thinkers and competent decision makers who are excited to learn. While we emphasize proficiency in language arts and math, our Lower School and Upper School program also emphasizes world language, the humanities, science and physical education. The arts are a particularly strong feature of the school. Our music program, including piano, choral and  the visual arts help to encourage creativity, open-ended thinking and cooperation.

We also believe that no two children are completely alike. Through our Personalized Learning Plans (PLPs), our teachers support the different learning styles and abilities of each individual child in their classes. We have a small student-teacher ratio, which means our teachers really get to know the children well. 

It also means they get to know the parents well. Parents are invited to be in touch with our teachers just to check in. They don’t have to wait for a formal parent-teacher meeting or a problem to arise for there to be communication between home and school. We have high expectations for our children’s work and behavior and strongly believe in providing clear feedback to students and families on both.

We also know children learn best when they are given authentic “hands-on” activities. And that active learning can take many forms. It might be 1st graders indirectly learning about supply and demand when preparing to sell recycled items they’ve made for Earth Day. It could be Pre-K students creating a 100th Day of School museum and writing invitations to parents and friends. 

In 2nd-3 grades, our students participate in our signature Computer Touch.

S.E. Academy Private School points programs. In this curriculum, students at  are paired with students at one of our sister schools to help solve an important global issue. For instance, our 2nd graders are studying deforestation while our 1st Grade is working on issues associated with hunger. Over the course of the year, students research the issue, consult with experts and share information via Edmodo and Skype. 

In addition to Touch points, we constantly look for opportunities to bring a global perspective into classroom. One of the great assets of this school is that we have families from all over the world and many of our children are bilingual, bringing a lot to our community and curriculum.  Children at S.E. Academy Private School South East Campus  are very accustomed to hearing different voices and different languages and this is a powerful feature of our program.

Finally, our teachers give thoughtful attention to each child’s social and emotional health and development. The faculty is very deliberate in building classroom communities through our use of Responsive Classroom in which children feel secure and safe to take risks, and in which all voices are heard and respected.

Kay Pruitt

School Leader

Head of School 

SE Academy Independent School is currently offering tours at 10:00 a.m. every Thursdays for prospective students and their families who are seeking admission for the  school year. See our facilities, speak with members of the admissions team, and reserve your spot by email: sensationalinfo@gmail.com

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