Learning is our first priority!

                                              S.E. Academy Independent School 
                                                            Where Learning is Our FIRST  Priority!

About Us

Sensational Enlightenment Academy 
Private School 

S.E. Academy Private Christian School 

is an accredited school under T.A.N.A.S .

Thank you for your interest in S.E. Academy Christian Private School. We believe pre-school-aged children possess a remarkable ability to absorb the world that surrounds them.  The years from 2 to 6 are the most critical period for nurturing a child’s natural curiosity and for laying the foundation for all future development.  A top goal of S.E. Academy is to foster independence and to support children into moving towards a mastery of self and the environment.

 Our age-appropriate classrooms and environment are designed to encourage children in their self-directed discovery of the world.  Interest-based activities encourage children to develop a love of learning and a trust in their own ability to learn. 

We are proud to provide a Christian educational setting where each child can grow spiritually, physically, socially, cognitively, and emotionally.  As a result of his or her educational, experience, each child can begin developing a sense of wonder an enjoyment of learning and a positive attitude towards school. Our priority is to make sure every child is learning above grade level when he or she completes our program.

 S.E. Academy (SEA)  provides an education program of the highest quality and commitment to God, as well as a dedication to the highest professional standards. The school is open to all children without regards to race, creed, color, sex, or national origin. 

What We Believe and Teach

To instill biblical values in the future generations, we will incorporate these biblical values in our statement of faith and our curriculum, including the teachings of Galatians 5:19 & 20 concerning lifestyles that are contrary to the Word i.e. adultery, fornication, homosexuality, lascivious behavior, etc.

We believe that marriage is a God-ordained, biblically based union between one man and one woman only: Genesis 2:21-24, Matthew 19: 4-6 and Mark 10: 6-9.  Although we may admit students from religious backgrounds other than Christian, we do require that parents understand that their children will be taught and expected to participate in our teachings and class recitations, etc., as a student in our school. 

Core Values

The Character of Servanthood, Compassion, and Empathy 

We believe that it is a part of being a Christian to show compassion and care to others.  Jesus demonstrated this while he was on the earth, all the way to the cross.  We offer many opportunities for students to see the needs of others and to serve those needs during the school year. Some of those include visits to nursing homes, fundraising, projects to serve the needy and homeless, St. Jude’s Math-a-thon, making care packages for families of patients at hospitals, and much more. Due to COVID-19 restrictions we will not be able to do some of these things, but as soon as restrictions are lifted we will continue these opportunities. Most importantly, we give them opportunities and encourage them to serve one another and their teachers during each school day, always looking at the needs of others before themselves. 

We have a deep concern for the "whole" child and feel that each area of his/her development is of equal importance - the physical, social, emotional and intellectual growth. We strive to help the individual child develop fully through his/her work.

"Education is a task carried out by the individual, and is acquired not by listening to words but by experiences in the environment."
- Dr. Maria Montessori

Our Vision

 S.E. Academy  will be the school that will inspire and challenge students to achieve in their academics, social development, creativity, and teach biblical morals for life.

Support Classes:

We have music, computer, bible and art classes weekly

 for our scholars.

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