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                           S.E. Academy Independent School 
                                                          Where Learning is Our FIRST  Priority!

"Summer  Reading Camp" 
June - July

Reading Readiness Fun
 Students will continue to enhance their reading skills during our Reading Readiness Hour. Students will be able to read during this time, as well as get the one on one help they may need in order to be prepared for the next school year.
Amazing Moments in Math
 Students will be able to unlock their minds with fun math activities while using manipulatives that will give them a better understanding of the subject and prepare them for the following school year.
Arts and Crafts
Students will develop their creative minds with lots of fun art activities that will be displayed for everyone to admire!
Kid's Cuisine
Students will learn to cook and prepare fun and healthy foods! This fun and exciting time not only prepares them for cooking at home but it will helps sharpen their Reading, Math, and Analytical skills, all while having fun!!!!


Learning about animals and how they grow and learn on a farm.

Summer Reading Programs
Reading is FUN!
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